The 2020 hotel quarantine outbreak led to the deaths of more than 800 people and saw 6.4 million Victorians locked up for months. The deadly outbreak wasn’t bad luck. It was the result of breached Victorian workplace safety laws.


The hotels where overseas travelers were required to stay are workplaces, just like any other workplace in Australia.  Rather than being run by a shopkeeper, or a corporation, these workplaces were run by politicians and bureaucrats.

When it comes to the law, it doesn’t matter who is running the workplace. All that matters is how the workplaces are run.  These workplaces were legally required to ensure the safety of all Victorians.

The politicians and bureaucrats failed, with deadly and devastating consequences.

They should be prosecuted by WorkSafe Victoria in the same way that any shopkeeper or corporation would be investigated, and if WorkSafe finds that laws were broken, these politicians and bureaucrats must face the same consequences that the rest of us would face.

WorkSafe is currently still deciding if it will prosecute the hotel quarantine workplaces.  Surely, WorkSafe doesn’t have a choice. Failures at the hotel quarantine workplaces must be prosecuted.

If it was anyone else, a prosecution would already have taken place.

Self Employed Australia is an independent organisation set up twenty years ago to help Australians who work for themselves. SEA, and its lawyers, know a lot about workplace safety laws, and how they should be applied.

SEA’s expert lawyers are assisting WorkSafe by outlining the various laws that have been broken and indicating which politicians or bureaucrats should be charged according to Victoria’s laws.

This assistance will be provided to WorkSafe and publicly released at the same time, so that all Victorians can understand which laws were breached.

If WorkSafe doesn’t launch a prosecution into the hotel quarantine workplaces, our assistance can also be used by the Director of Public Prosecutions to do what WorkSafe failed to do.

Regardless, Self Employed Australia will do whatever is needed to ensure that no Victorian is above the law.  Hopefully, it won’t come to that.  Hopefully, WorkSafe will conduct a proper and thorough investigation and prosecution.