self employedaustralia

is happy tohelp worksafe

Self Employed Australia is an independent organisation set up twenty years ago to help Australians who work for themselves. SEA, and it’s lawyers, know a lot about workplace safety laws, and how they should be applied.

SEA’s expert lawyers are assisting WorkSafe by outlining the various laws that have been broken and indicating which politicians or bureaucrats should be charged according to Victoria’s laws.

This assistance will be provided to WorkSafe and publicly released at the same time, so that all Victorian’s can understand which laws were breached.

If WorkSafe doesn’t launch a prosecution into the hotel quarantine workplaces, our assistance can also be used by the Director or Public Prosecutions to do what WorkSafe failed to do.

Regardless, Self Employed Australia will do whatever is needed to ensure that no Victorian is above the law.  Hopefully, it won’t come to that.  Hopefully, WorkSafe will conduct a proper and thorough investigation and prosecution.

You can read the documents at the same time as they are provided to WorkSafe by SEA, by visiting