Every Victorian knows that incompetence and politics lead to the hotel quarantine scandal. If the government didn’t let the virus out of hotel quarantine, Victorians would not have experienced the second lockdown.

So what went wrong in Victoria?

The Coate Inquiry into the disaster provides the answers. 

The official report says that 

  • There was a “lack of proper leadership and oversight” at the very highest level of the Victorian government 
  • This created a “catastrophe waiting to happen” and
  • This resulted in “a disaster that tragically came to be.”

On the evidence from the official Coate report:

  • There was a squabble between the government Departments of Health and Jobs. Neither took responsibility for infection control procedures in the hotels. The result was a disaster. No one was in control. From this chaos Covid-19 broke out of the hotels leading to over 800 deaths. 
  • The failure to ensure who was in control is a breach of OHS law.  

From this big failure many other breaches occurred. For example:

  • Staff were not properly trained.
  • Staff were not supplied with personal protective clothing
  • And more….

In Victoria, anyone can request that WorkSafe investigates an industrial accident, and prosecute those responsible.  Self Employed Australia has already done this.

Self Employed Australia has assessed and alleged at least 142 breaches of work safety laws by the Victorian government starting with The Premier, Ministers, senior government executives and departments. WorkSafe must prosecute. 

But there’s more. The government’s own documents show that union bosses helped choose who would get multi-million-dollar security contracts. A security firm previously excluded from government contracts got most of the hotel quarantine work. Was there corruption? Why were the government’s own contract rules broken to favour union-approved security firms?

This is why the quarantine failed and more than 800 people died. Having untrained and unsupported staff without proper safety systems of work is illegal in any Victorian workplace.  In the case of hotel quarantine it also proved deadly.

So, will the people who ran those hotel quarantine workplaces get away with breaking workplace safety laws, killing over 800 people and devastating the state of Victoria?

Or will WorkSafe follow the law and launch a prosecution?
So far, WorkSafe have been refusing to comply with their legal obligations.  

Has WorkSafe been corrupted, just like the hotel quarantine program was corrupted?  The Victorian work safety system is effectively at risk of collapse if WorkSafe doesn’t prosecute. 

It would provide the excuse, “we don’t know how it happened”, for all future work injury and death incidents!

WorkSafe’s decision here will impact us all, revealing whether Victoria is still truly democratic, or our state has morphed into something much, much less than a democracy. 

The rule of law must apply. No one is above the law. 

For further information you can visit the detailed uploads at Self Employed Australia HERE